Friday, August 31, 2012

International Society of Family History Writers and Editors 2012 Excellence-in-Writing Competition Winners

ISFHWE LogoI just received word about the winners of this year’s ISFHWE Excellence-in-Writing Competition!  Unfortunately, I was not among the winners this year, but that’s what I get for waiting until the last minute (literally…oh wait, I did that last year too and still took third place!).  Even though I did not place, I’d still like to recognize this year’s winners.  Let’s give them a round of applause!

Category I – Columns

  • First - A Big Game for the Big Day – Shelley Bishop
  • Second - Newel King, 91st Ohio Volunteer Infantry – Shelley Bishop
  • Third - Wanted: Larger ‘Needles’ – James M. Beidler

Category II – Articles

  • First - Blue Collar Breakthroughs – Sunny Morton
  • Second - Academic Libraries: A Good Reason to Head Back to Campus – Mary Penner
  • Third - An Identity Crisis: Using Indirect Evidence to Prove …. – Debbie Parker Wayne, CG

Category III – Original Research Story

  • First - Common Ground – Courtenay O’Bryan Auger
  • Second [tie] -The Long and Winding Road: The Search for the Clark Farm – Cheryl Roach
  • Second [tie] - James Holmes: He Was Tickled to be Pickled – Marjorie Waterfield

Category IV – Unpublished Author

  • First - The Butchers of Marshall Avenue – Carla Love Maitland

Category V – Unpublished Work by Published Author

  • First - The Bones of Hobo Hollow – Paul K. Graham
  • Second - Ella’s Letter – Nancy Waters Lauer
  • Third - Civil War Perils of Springtime – M. Carolyn Steele

The rules for the 2013 competition will be posted at the ISFHWE website soon, but if you happen to be at the FGS Conference, you can stop by the ISFHWE booth (#628) to pick them up.

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